General Fiction

By Pol McShane

Publisher : IUniverse

ABOUT Pol McShane

Pol McShane
I have published six books to date.  Four being a children's series-The Johnny & Joey adventures, the others being a horror novel titled Blue Moon and my latest, Luthor.  I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our golden retriever.


Joshua and Amanda Brodrick, brother and sister, grow up in an affluent family, terrorized by an abusive father and a defenseless mother.  As they struggle to survive, they long for escape, stability, and love—they find that solace in one another.  Eventually living on their own, the two seem to have everything they ever needed.

But their wrongful union produces a child born with hideous deformities, and Amanda and Joshua’s lives take an unexpected turn.

Darkness shades the strange goings on in the Brodrick mansion, as the family begins to live a nocturnal life.  


Amanda will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets hidden from the rest of the world.  Even if it means shutting that world out for decades. 

But secrets can’t be hidden forever.  And the world will eventually discover the biggest secret of all:


Who is Luthor?

I began writing Luthor to create a new "monster", but as I wrote, Luthor took a new path, almost on its own, and became the heart-breaking, slightly twisted and dark tale it is today.

The world of abuse - physical, sexual and emotional - is a very disturbing world that many don't talk about openly. Pol McShane tackles this subject in a very gripping tale of a little boy named Luthor and the abusive world that he is born into. McShane takes us on a journey witnessing the cycle of abuse in three generations of one family. It is a journey filled with drama, sadness and neglect, but also of faith, hope and of course love. This book is so much more than a "horror" novel. Don't get me wrong - there are some tremendous horrific scenes, but the story is of love and survival.
I was lucky to be one of the first people to read this book and I was hooked from early on. I also had the honor of working with the author on the cover design. I hope that you saw the cover and were intrigued to get to know the boy with the eyes of darkness. I hope that you read "Luthor" and come to love the book...and the boy.