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OK...guess I'm one of the most talented Africans alive today. My name's Ukachukwu Chidube George, AKA George Shadow (My pseud.) and I live in Nigeria. I am an author, artist and songwriter/composer.As an urban child, my getaway from the noise and fast pace was escaping into the world of im More...


A boy and his adopted sisters go back in time to look for their friends and classmates after he mistakenly makes them disappear by writing their names in an ancient book he finds up in their attic.

THE BLACK BOOK is the first part of a fascinating series of six novels collectively known as THE BOOKLORD ADVENTURE SERIES and is a beautifully-written novel filled with very funny scenes. Three siblings are out to undo the confusion a certain magical book has wrought on their quiet county's normality after a series of unfortunate events put them all under the power of this ancient tool.... The boy in this trio has mistakenly ignited a powerful spell said to have been granted Man by Satan, himself, when he unknowingly pens down the names of his 'enemies' in this ancient scroll during a very trying time in his young life. Now the brother and his two adopted sisters must travel back and forth across time saving those The Book had barnished from the present as a result of this evil...a task they soon realize to be suicidal...especially when one is always making an appearance whenever a historical skirmish of 'battle-field proportions' is about to take place! From the sweeping ruins of France's Dunkirk during World War II, this teenage historical adventure swings across Africa during the Slave Trade Era and takes us further back into America's Wild Wild Frontier of the nineteenth century before heading to Judea during the Roman invasion of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Greece during the days of the famous King Leonidas and his brave Spartan warriors comes up next, though the story never stops here, rather rolling on across China into France and on to the present, and always surprising us immensely when a need arises now and then for our characters to be taken back into the past and quickly retired to the present before it is too late! Way back in time (315 AD) and far, far away, in Ancient Rome, a religious Jewish sect intent on saving their people from occupation and bondage from the Roman enslavement they’d felt since Jerusalem’s fall in 70 A.D., resolve to defeat the then emperor of Rome, Constantine I, through magic and occultism rather than with God’s help, so that the Isrealites could return to the Promised Land as free people. In the course of their quest, they unknowingly sign an evil pact with Satan, himself, through certain rebellious angels from heaven in order to achieve this sole purpose! The BOOKLORD ADVENTURE SERIES narrates the story of the two ancient books of mysticism and magic the devil helped engineer for this cult’s objective as well as how those objectives were never met and these books inadvertently journey down in history to fall into the hands of two very different boys having two very contrasting families and living in two very dissimilar parts of the world! This is where the story begins, because THE BLACK BOOK is one of the two books...and THE WHITE BOOK is an entirely different story!

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