Choose Your Exotic Pet: Mammals

Home & Garden, Outdoors & Nature

By J.C. Perley

Publisher : Issachar Press

ABOUT J.C. Perley

J.C. Perley


Looking for a different kind of pet? Maybe a hedgehog or a ferret...or something even more exotic. How do you decide? Get information on all the popular exotic pets.

Here, you'll find photos and information about sixteen popular furry exotics, and discover if they make good pets, bad pets, or if they're too crazy to handle!  

You'll also discover pricing, housing and food requirements, and general pros and cons about each pet...from breeders and others who have owned them. Get website links for further research and an Exotic Pet Comparison Chart that sums up all the information for you, at a glance.

Find out about:
  • chinchillas
  • coatis
  • fennecs
  • ferrets 
  • foxes
  • genets 
  • hedgehogs
  • kinkajous
  • lions & tigers
  • monkeys
  • opossums
  • prairie dogs 
  • raccoons
  • servals
  • skunks
  • sugar gliders
  • wallabys
  • wolves & dingos
This amazing resource will set you on the path for finding the perfect exotic pet for you!