Norbert and the Elusive Acorns

Children's Books

By Peter Martz

Publisher : MondoVox Creative Group

ABOUT Peter Martz

Peter Martz
Peter Martz is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives with his wife in Oak Park, Illinois. He writes a holiday squirrel song every year and builds houses for his backyard squirrel colony. He takes out the garbage every Monday night, eats most of his vegetables, and once saw a UFO, al More...


Norbert and the Elusive Acorns is a children's picture ebook about a squirrel who takes a journey to find more acorns. His travels teach him the value of creative thinking when obstacles get in his way. Through this colorfully illustrated poem, children will share Norbert's dilemma and his path to eventual success. Ages 3 and up.

I'm a huge fan of squirrels and feed the ones in the parks near my home as well as my back yard. I also build squirrel tree houses and write an annual squirrel Christmas song. My nieces love the songs.

"Everything about this book is appealing. The pictures are cute and colorful. The story is told in rhyming verse, and again, I think this is perfectly executed. This is just the kind of book that I would have loved to get for my son when he was a child." 

-- The News For Squirrels,