Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance

Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance


J.G Vibes
J.G Vibes is an activist and artist who has been studying occult history, theology, and government for most of his life. In 2007 he began hosting electronic dance music events and establishing Good Vibes Promotions as a respected name in the counter culture. It wasn't until 2008 that h More...



ALCHEMY OF THE MODERN RENAISSANCE Throughout our entire lives some of our favorite works of art have been attempting to speak to us, they have been trying to tell us a story. What is that story? What is it that our favorite works of art have been trying to tell us? Most of the greatest art expresses some kind of message relating to the human desire to create a more peaceful and free society. Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance is a series that ties current artistic expressions to the historical progression of civil rights that has been hidden from mainstream culture. This first installment has nearly 100 different essays featuring insight into philosophy, culture, finance, spirituality, politics, drugs and the many important issues that our generation faces. This series contains the background information that is necessary to truly understand the social messages that are contained within your favorite works of art. There is a global movement for civil rights that has been using art, philosophy and civil disobedience to peacefully resist the oppression that has been forced upon the human race by various tyrants over the centuries.

AOTMR takes a detailed look at this movement as well as its goals, its motivations and its opposition. This is your guide to the counter culture, the forgotten story of our past and the philosophy of the future.