Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Lynn Hallbrooks

Publisher : River Road Press

ABOUT Lynn Hallbrooks

Lynn Hallbrooks
David McKoy is a former U.S. Navy Petty Officer who has over 35 years of combined experience in military and private security. His gift of foresight as well as his knowledge of military and weapons histories are brought to bear in the Call Sign: Wrecking Crew series. Lynn Hallbrooks is a More...



CIA Special Ops Team, Call Sign: Wrecking Crew is sent overseas on a Top Secret mission.  Once the mission is completed, they rapidly realize they are merely Pawns in an International Chess Game that turns into a Political Firestorm.  As a result, they are disavowed.  Accompanied by Firefights, Fate, and Faith, they finally find a way home.  After arriving, they discover governmental abuses of the Constitution.  Will they survive long enough to thwart these enemies of the State? 

David McKoy was inspired to write this book after watching Glenn Beck on The Fox Network. The idea was percolating in his brain for over 10 years. Once it was released from his brain through his pen/pencil onto paper the words had a hard time stopping. That's why the book is so long and there are more books to come.