Rich Hero, Poor Coward

ABOUT Ben Broderick

Ben Broderick
Ben Broderick is an author, inventor, entrepreneur, musician and educator.  His life is quite adventurous with ever-flowing projects and plans to bring about new developments.  Ben feels that the message in this book is needful to all who breathe.  Ben currently lives in Arizona.  He p More...



Know this, that you are to be unquestionably rich.  It is your duty, your responsibility, your obligation.  These are your orders, not given to you but given within you, for your very makeup is of greatness.  You are meant to be a Rich Hero.  Your nobility is in your blood.  It shows in your massive potential.  It is obvious by your powers to choose and to act, to believe and to take hold, to move forward and advance in prosperity.  There is no question that you were meant to be a Rich Hero, a thriver, a proactiveforce in the world.
Within the pages of this book is the unmatched power to rise to untold heights.