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Pad is the creator of Team Me; a dynamic approach to personal and professional performance that majors on the achievement of rapid results. He has been coaching people of all ages and from every walk of life for over 25 years; working with individuals, from young offenders, the unemployed More...


Team Me introduces you to the power and potential of 'Archetypes' and demonstrates exactly how you can access their extraordinary capabilities to increase your personal and professional effectiveness. 

If you want to increase your professional influence, gain promotion at work, improve personal relationships, develop leadership potential, or build and manage more effective teams, this book will provide you with a model of thinking that has already helped countless people change forever the way they tackle a host of life challenges. 

On this remarkable journey you will: 
- Define your Personal Archetypes Profile 
- Understand why you do what you do (and why you often don't do what you should do!) 
- Unleash hidden resources to help you dramatically 'step up' any time you need to 
- Expose the shadow side of each Archetype; their overheated and frozen states 
- Discover powerful leadership and team dynamics 
- Learn to motivate yourself and others much more effectively

By the time I had left school, I had learned that there were many things I really wasn’t very good at. Progress was always painfully slow whatever I tried to do - and I was perplexed about what was holding me back. I had, unknowingly, established a series of limiting beliefs about my capabilities that affected many areas of my life. My unconscious strategy was little more than an attempt to avoid pain. If you’ve ever heard anyone say, “Don’t expect too much or you’ll be disappointed,” you'll know what I’m referring to. This way of thinking became deeply rooted and started to affect many other areas – perhaps every other area - of my life. So what was missing? Surely I had more resources available to me at these moments of challenge? So why couldn’t I step up as I needed to? This was the point at which I started my search for a way to access the resources that I truly believed lay dormant within me. Somehow I needed to bring this arsenal of abilities into play when I needed them most – to bring up the right card at the right time. What I’ve come to realise is that there really is a highly capable team inside each one of us that is able to bring its abilities to the fore whenever the situation demands it. No doubt about it...you are a TEAM.

5.0 out of 5 stars
 Very accessible, very applicable.
Whilst I wouldn't normally have picked up a book of this kind, I was intrigued to discover how very evident these archetypes actually are in real-life. I particularly found helpful the explanations around the `Complementary Archetypes' and also their very distinctive `Shadow sides'. The `Oakenthor' story, as well as Pad's numerous case studies, really help to ground the theoretical models and make the concepts very accessible (even to someone who knows practically nothing about archetypes, Carl Jung or NLP). A stimulating read.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Develop your self awareness!
By Shirley
I really like the style of this book - it's very easy to read with lots of explanations and illustrations that flowed well. The whole concept is easy to grasp and the `Legend of Oakenthor' story brought it all to life.

5.0 out of 5 stars Never look at people the same way again
This book is a beautiful piece of work and I have really got a lot out of it. It's full of insights regarding the things that drive us and challenge us.