The Littles, An SSCD Crime Thriller

ABOUT Tallulah Grace

Tallulah Grace
An aficionado of anything paranormal, Tallulah Grace pens thrillers and romantic suspense novels with a paranormal flair. Tallulah was born and raised in a small southern town located in the foothills of the vibrant Blue Ridge Mountains. When she's not developing characters and weaving s More...


The mountains of rural Georgia will never be the same after a series of viscous murders rock the area to its core. Not only does the killer target children, his gruesome murders are designed to inflict the ultimate agony upon their parents and to instill extreme terror within the small communities.


An SSCD team, part of the FBI’s Special Serial Crimes Division, accepts the case and the conditional Governor’s liaison, a prosecutor with more baggage than anyone realizes. Travel with them over the hills of the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains as they hunt the psychopath stalking the innocent. Can they capture him before he strikes again? Will he turn the tables and ensnare one of their own in his devious trap?


This psychological thriller delves into the mind of a deranged serial killer as it follows the twists and turns of an SSCD manhunt. Action packed and filled with suspense, The Littles takes readers on a thrill ride they will not soon forget.

First off, let me just be clear on one point so you know how much praise I hold for Tallulah Grace's "The Littles". I am not into thriller's, suspence, horror, etc. themed books. Even if its romanced up. But!!! And that's a huge but, I know amazing authors and Tallulah is one of them. This book held me captive from the moment I downloaded it right up until I finished it. If you know your romance authors, you will know who Julie Garwood is. I checked out a book of hers that was a suspence romance by mistake and decided to read it out of boredom. I fell inlove and read every book in that story line because of how captivating the story was. The Littles had the same effect on me.

Let me explain why suspence/thriller books holds no interest to me except in extremely rare cases. I hate the typical story lines that drag out and predictable behaviors from the characters. Those actions that make you want to scream "WHY DIDNT YOU LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAID, YOU MORON?" Or make just frustrated that you lost time reading a book that you knew what was going to happen after the first couple paraghraphs. With The Littles, I was completely engrossed in the whole plot. Heck, I continued reading every page while cooking dinner and during work!!! :)

The characters came to life in my mind. While reading I felt like I was right there living the nightmares, feeling the pain of the children, wanting to jump in the story and exact my own personal revenge on the psycho! Admittedly I did almost stop reading because one of the victoms have my own sons name. As a mother, I couldn't help but picture my sons face. But I read on. This is a great book that I highly recommend everyone read. I also suggest buying and downloading the Timeless Trilogy. That way you can get to know Jeri before this story began. Also go to [....] first and read the short about Kelly. I am telling you all, Tallulah is is on a fast track to being amongst the best authors out there! Nora Roberts watch out now!!