ABOUT Clive McPherson

Clive McPherson
I am an Inspirational Writer and Soul Realignment Practitioner; providing assistance in the area of discovering and embracing your soul purpose.



Image of the Divine (The Journey Within) is the first in a series of books written from a unique perspective, which allows anyone of average education to come to an awareness of who you are and why you are here.

It is a short story which takes you on a special inward journey back through time and space, gradually stripping away all that holds you firmly in this physical realm and eventually introducing you to your true self; you become the central character of the story thereby creating a more vivid experience of the scenarios that you will have to travel through on your way to self-discovery.

After travelling great distances and witnessing some horrific scenes, you finally reach a place on your travels where you can’t seem to proceed any further; you think you have reached the end of your journey, only to find that it is only just beginning as an unexpected ultimatum is proposed by the circumstances in which you find yourself.

This book was inspired by the challenges that I’ve had to deal with in my life which eventually brought me to a point where I had to face a personal ultimatum presented by my own life circumstances. It’s an ultimatum which we all have to deal with at some time or another, in whatever form life presents it to us; it’s a challenge which brings to the surface a deep seated question that lays dormant throughout the majority of our lives until it can no longer stay silent. It does not matter what lifestyle you have lived so far, lavish or sparse you will someday reach the point where life asks . . . do you want to continue living the way you are right now with that emptiness inside of you that cannot be filled by any of your current activities, or are you willing to embark upon a new life journey and take hold of the reigns of your existence to steer it in a direction that you’ve never been before? This was the challenge that placed me at the crossroads of my life where I had to make a choice; it was accompanied by an inner knowing that if I make the wrong decision at this juncture of my life then there would be no turning back . . . not in this lifetime. The path I chose took me on an inward journey.