Solitary Sky

ABOUT Shannon Taylor Hodnett

Shannon Taylor Hodnett
I'm an Oklahoma girl no longer land-locked, living near Galveston, TX with my husband, son, 3 dogs and one fearless cat. 
After leaving college for a lucrative waitressing career, I decided to join the Navy--but after 2 weeks in boot camp I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable kidney More...



Leaving home wasn't a hard decision for Lilah to make.  It was either spend her senior year in Gentian with her grandmother who talked to dogs...or stay home with her hopeless mom who preferred dating them. 

300 miles later, Lilah barely had time to unpack before meeting Hunter--the literal guy of her dreams.  Falling in love with him wasn't an option...but could she deny what seemed destined?  Or how much she wanted him...even after discovering he and his brothers were something more than human? 

For Lilah it was too late to turn back, caught up in a strange new world that was now her own...and unaware of a darker secret that remained hidden, waiting to destroy her newfound happiness...and her life.

Book 1 in the Solitary Sky Series