The Authority of Sonship

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By Lovella Mogere

Publisher : Prophetic Scrolls Publishing Co.

The Authority of Sonship

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Lovella Mogere


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"The Authority of Sonship" will be released on Saturday, July 28th, 2012... this book compiled with a study guide..sales for $18.99 shipping and handling not included.
Read what God is saying about the End-time manifestion of Sonship..learn the mindset of the Emerging - New Breeds, their momentum in which they flow. The weight of the Glory in which they walk, the mantles they possess will dominiate spheres and regions, take over the market place to expand the Kingdom of God. Get your copy Today!

The Authority of Sonship is granted to the New Breeds (five - fold ascension gifts) that are emerging there are way beyond their years spiritually, with a militant mindset, a takeover spirit and their hearts desire is to expand the kingdom.