Why, Old Lady, Why?

ABOUT Ray Bird

Ray Bird
Ray Bird is a product of the bush. His father was a railway fettler and his mother, a former nurse. Because of his father’s work Ray and his elder brother and younger sister grew up in small country villages in N.S.W. His family was one of considerable achievement. His mother was an a More...



Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles across the district as an impending storm chops up the surface of the lake known as the Old Lady. As he rows home from his friend John Arnold’s house on this wild night, Brownie ponders the parallel turbulence that has followed him throughout his life.


He hadn’t been welcomed when he arrived in the coastal fishing community. He hadn’t been welcomed by Anna’s family when they fell in love. Just as he’d walked away from his family, Anna too had abandoned her home and her strict Greek upbringing... for love.


With the help of Thelma Lamb, a local eccentric known as The Good Shepherd, Anna and Brownie overcome their cultural differences as they are gradually accepted into the community.


But things are not always what they seem, and events come to a startling head when the local playboy is found murdered. The evidence points to Brownie. Has he really returned to the violent ways of his youth – or is someone setting him up?