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Alex Myers
Alex talks to about three-quarters of a million people every morning on one of the most popular radio stations in Austin, Texas.
His true passion has always been reading and writing and research. 
He's a bit obsessive
Alex is married and lives with two kids, four fish, a  More...



Ethan is pushed. Bill goes willingly. Another man fights to save his wife from the plague. Two out of the three are contaminated with the virus.

A struggling pharmaceutical company cuts corners and creates a worldwide epidemic that targets gays and the poor. Years later and now part of the multibillion-dollar big pharma machine, they are still trying to fix their original mistake yet the problems are still growing. The US government has been fully aware every step of the way and now they need drastic measures to save the citizens and not the company.

The man-made virus creates a group of near-perfect, unstoppable hybrids. They are infected, contagious and picking and choosing their victims a la carte.

Is their leader really the Antichrist? Or he is just a psychopath that’s been biding his time waiting for an opportunity. One powerful religious superstar wants people to believe—he’s found that it’s really good for business.

There are only two ways to stop them—one kills and the other cures.

A fast-paced medical horror-thriller where corporate greed rules and the government must stop a deadly threat to the populace before another page of Revelation is written.

Apocs hits hard and fast, clean and clear, right through to its rock ’n’ roll climax.
5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING!!!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Brutal, but engaging!