Coloured Sands

ABOUT Barbara Hartmann King

Barbara Hartmann King
Thirty years of living a challenging life in country Australia  gave me the feel for the land and the knowledge I needed to write my country tales.I’m inviting my readers into the country for a spell, into the lives of people you will want to learn more about, characters divergent from  More...



1901: A little girl wanders down a creek in central Queensland after the revenge massacre of her family. She becomes known as The Crazy Orphan and is rendered mute for two years.

 A crusty policeman saves her from an institution. She is delivered into the hands of a famous doctor who almost mends her wounded spirit.

She falls in love with the heir to Jooloonga Station and returns (incognito) to central Queensland. Her fiery ambition and tenacity dictate no boundaries through two world wars and the Great Depression.

Emily has never quite forgiven and the 'cultural cringe" forces her only son to live a secret double life where seclusion and secrets are a way of life for twenty years until.....

Enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Australian bush, relish the unusual characters of inland Australia and above all become absorbed in a story incomparable – unusual – unique.