We Use Coupons, You Should Too!

We Use Coupons, You Should Too!

ABOUT Nathan Engels

Nathan Engels
Nathan Engels started using coupons in 2007 out of necessity, like most Americans he was in debt. Nathan was determined to turn things around, and thanks to couponing, he did! Nathan's passion to help others lead him to start WeUseCoupons.com, a popular blog and coupon forum, in 2008. T More...



Why pay full price tomorrow, when it's free or cheap today?"

Join Nathan "Mr. Coupon" Engels as he takes you on a journey that can save you thousands annually and set your family on a path to financial freedom. Nathan Engels, Mr. Coupon, is no stranger to debt. The realization that something drastic needed to be done to change the trajectory of his life led to his discovery and passion for couponing.
The biggest “A Ha!” moment of your life will be after reading this book. If you are a skeptic, you will learn the true powers of a piece of paper. Nathan casually rebuffs the myths and misconceptions of couponing while teaching you how YOU can become the hero of your family. With basic couponing techniques, a little Grocery Psychology and a sound methodology, you too can confidently go shopping with coupons in hand and the knowledge that you are saving more than ever before.
Nathan started with over $80,000 in debt, not including the mortgage! Even in a struggling economy, coupons helped Nathan to control his grocery bill and start saving. Today, Nathan and his family are nearly debt free. Are you ready to take flight? Then let’s begin, it all starts here!