Forgive and Forget

General Fiction, Romance

By Tramaine Green

Publisher : Self-published

ABOUT Tramaine Green

Tramaine Green
Tramaine Green is a twenty-eight year old native of Dallas, Texas. She currently resides in Irving with her three-year old daughter and husband of four years. She has always been writing since her teenage years. The love of writing began by creating a newsletter and then developed more as  More...



There comes a time in our lives when we must make the decision to forgive our spouse, family member, or even our friend for betraying us. But how can you forgive the ultimate betrayal? Better yet how can you forget it? Is there such a thing? Tune into the lives of Chardae, Jacob, Chris, and Kim, as they go through various issues that will test the bonds of their relationships. Will they come out unscathed or will they have scars to last a lifetime?
This was a excellent story about Jacob and Chardae and the drama that came into there marriage this was a great page-tuner from the beginning to the end.i just did not want this book to end i would highly recommend this book.cant wait for the next installment i will be anxious waiting.