Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler

Travel, History, Entertainment & Style

By Rosemary Adkins

Publisher : Aviva Publishing

ABOUT Rosemary Adkins

Rosemary Adkins
My name is Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins and I was born and spent most of my childhood in Houston, Texas. Later, moving with my family to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I graduated from Bishop Gorman High School in 1965. After graduation, my family moved to Redding, California, where I resided for More...



Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler



All the wonderful sites of Ireland are presented, in 249 pages and in over 150 vivid colored photographs. Learn a great deal about Dublin and see sites in this book many visitors have missed.  Visit beautiful Kylemore Abbey, take a boat ride to the Cliffs of Moher, enjoy a banquet at Bunratty Castle with its entertainment, stay in five star hotels with special offers and visit numerous wonderful Irish towns from Dublin around to Galway. Read Irish mysteries as to who was the real Molly Malone, and what are the origins of the Blarney Stone and Blarney Woollen Mills. Take the adventure to the Aran Islands or watch the sunset in Fossa across the Lake Limerick. View waterways with Customs boats and Forts that protected the shores. See the beautiful Mitzen Peninsula.


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In this new book, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler, ( ISBN :  978-1-935586-53-1  Bar Code: 52995   ($29.95; Softcover), Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins



EXTRAORDINARY DREAMS OF AN IRELAND TRAVELER You’ve finally made up your mind—that dream vacation can wait no longer! It’s time to make plans! That day came for me on the cusp of my husband Douglas’ birthday and impending retirement. I decided to surprise him with a dream vacation, and the next day I sat at my computer, methodically looking up each of the hundreds of websites I found listed on every search engine! This trip was to be the granddaddy of them all! It would be a surprise for the man in my life who had kept me alive when sick, my spirits high when I wanted to give up, and my body strong enough to fight an illness that had strangled the life from us throughout most of our marriage. This trip had to be perfect, and I wanted to plan it without help. First, I looked at tours, then at cheap flights. I researched hotels and read every review ever written, and finally, I got on every mailing list in this country and overseas that offered anything for travel packages lasting from four days to eight weeks. By the time I answered each email, my day was half over. I decided I could not keep a secret of such magnitude. As I practiced springing my secret on my mother-in-law, my voice was measured and steady, but sounded far calmer than I really felt. She was not sure I could keep something so enormous from her son since I usually shared everything with him. But I kept on planning, and writing to family and friends in hopes they would come along for a giant party to celebrate all the reasons one takes a trip of a lifetime. But...all the advice had been the same in the end—TELL HIM! It was time to confess. I had not made travel reservations, but had planned out all the details and I was ready to commit. As I prepared dinner that evening, I told Doug that a secret was tearing me apart, and I offered him the choice to know about it or stay in the dark. Doug had wanted to visit Ireland for a long time, and I told him the best surprise of his lifetime would be spoiled if I told him. But he wanted to know. The rumble of not so distant noises clouded my mind and the turmoil in my stomach was sheer torture. What if, after all the time and energy, all the anticipation, Doug said, “No” to the trip? How would I hold my ground? What could I do if Doug resisted the idea? It was time to confess. I had not made travel reservations, but had planned out all the details and I was ready to commit. As I prepared dinner that evening, I told Doug that a secret was tearing me apart, and I offered him the choice to know about it or stay in the dark. Doug had wanted to visit Ireland for a long time, and I told him the best surprise of his lifetime would be spoiled if I told him. But he wanted to know. The rumble of not so distant noises clouded my mind and the turmoil in my stomach was sheer torture. What if, after all the time and energy, all the anticipation, Doug said, “No” to the trip? How would I hold my ground? What could I do if Doug resisted the idea? Making my case would be easy, or so I thought. I was informed and had been saving money for some time. I’d saved enough to pay for half of the flight and had mapped out payments that would easily pay off the balance within the year. By this time, I had become a fixture in the travel office and knew most people there by name. But would Doug find a way to delay all the plans I had been quietly scheming? But how could you not want to go on such a trip? His big birthday was near, retirement was close, our anniversary was special this year. What more did I need to move forward? The final moment had arrived so I looked Doug square in the eye and blurted out, “We are going to Ireland in June!” Doug just shook his head and asked, “Are you crazy?” I responded by saying that all he had to do was say, “Thank you” and pack his bags. I had done most of the research, and besides, I had already bought him travel gifts for Christmas that could not be returned! I did a little more talking and he soon warmed to the trip idea and said, “It might be nice to see Australia!” AUSTRALIA! But he’d talked about Ireland so many more times. I hadn’t done any research on Australia. I knew they had koala bears, kangaroos, and plenty of beaches. Oh my, I did not want to look any further! EEKS, now what? I decided to tell him some of the reasons why I had decided on Ireland rather than Australia in hopes that would finally get us back on track for planning this great trip. I had not wanted to spoil his image of Australia because maybe someday we could travel there as well, but the fact of the matter was that I was afraid to go there. I had read about many problems with traveling there, and basically, I am leery of things I know nothing about. So I explained what I had read and told him that I had run into a few people at the travel agency who had traveled to Australia and what they had told me was a nightmare for them. They and many other guests had been stung by flying poisonous ants while sleeping, causing them to spend time in the hospital. We decided not to push our luck on this trip, and after a bit of discussion, we were on our way together—to IRELAND!

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January 2, 2012

Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler
Rosemary Adkins
ISBN 9781935586531
Aviva Publishing (2012)

New Ireland Travel Guide Offers Up Close and Personal View of the
Emerald Isle

As someone who has visited Ireland myself, I’ve sort of checked it off
my list. It’s a beautiful country filled with wonderfully friendly
people, but there are so many other wonderful places to see in the
world that after one visit, I felt I had “done” Ireland.

But Rosemary Adkins’ “Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler” has
proven me wrong by introducing me to many places I missed and now want
to go back to see. Rosemary has not written the ordinary travel book
filled with facts, figures, dates, and sites to see. All of that is
included in this book, but she also offers us her personal preferences,
her likes and dislikes, tips on what not to miss, and tips on what she
and her husband, Doug, would not do again or where they would not
repeat a visit.

Rosemary is not an expert on Ireland or travel writing, but that has
advantages in itself because she is like most of us when we visit
Ireland for the first time. Her trip to Ireland in the summer of 2011
was a lifelong dream and a surprise to celebrate her husband’s
retirement and their anniversary. She thoroughly researched the trip
before she went, and she made contacts with people at many of the
finest hotels and most celebrated tourist stops, but she also offers us
a person’s first impressions of the Emerald Isle. Her experiences,
consequently, are more likely to be those of anyone else contemplating
a first trip to Ireland, which makes the book less overwhelming than
many, and more like having a personal friend along to share the journey.

Of course, all the wonderful sites of Ireland are presented, and in
vivid colored photographs. These photos, many of places I had not
visited or not seen in such depth as Rosemary, made me want to journey
back to Ireland. I learned a great deal more about Dublin and saw sites
in this book I had missed on my own journey. Readers will be awed by
beautiful Kylemore Abbey, enjoy a boat ride to the Cliffs of Moher,
maybe consider twice sailing to the Aran Islands—not a good experience
for Rosemary due to seasickness—enjoy a banquet at Bunratty Castle, and
visit numerous wonderful Irish towns from Killarney to Galway. Rosemary
also speculates on such Irish mysteries as just who was the real Molly
Malone, known for selling “Cockles and Mussels, Alive Alive-O” and what
are the origins of the Blarney Stone.

All the beautiful sites of Ireland discussed in this book are not to be
missed, but what makes a visit to Ireland special are its people. On my
own visit, I found the Irish to be the friendliest people in the world;
if you asked for directions, they wouldn’t tell you how to get
somewhere—they would take you by the hand and walk you there. I was
glad to know Rosemary had the same experience on her visit. In fact,
Rosemary got to know many of the local people well and interviewed them
for her book, including employees at the Blarney Woollen Mills, hotel
managers, and creative fashion designers; they all share their stories
and reflect a true love to assist visitors to their beautiful country.

I recommend that if you go to Ireland, you read this book before you go
and that you take it with you. In conjunction with the places she
visited, Rosemary provides several special rates and offers to her
readers, and at least one offer requires you to show the copy of this
book. If you’re not going to Ireland, visit it vicariously through the
pages of “Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler”—it may jump
start or create a new dream for you. And if you’ve already been to
“that dear land across the sea,” well, of course, you will enjoy
reliving your visit and discovering how Rosemary and Doug’s visit
compares to your own.

Be sure to visit www.ExtraordinaryIreland.com for more information
about the book as well as up-to-date information on original Irish
items for sale and the latest offers for tourists.
— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning “Narrow

The Extraordinary Dreams
of an
Ireland Traveler
Rosemary “Mamie” Adkins

This wonderful book is not a Travel Book, it is an homage to the beauty
of Ireland and the charm of the Irish people. I absolutely love the way
Ms. Adkins divides up the story, selecting certain cities on which to
focus her perspective. As a young girl I was sent to Ireland for two
years and loved every minute of it, just as Rosemary and her husband
apparently did. The old thatched cottages which she described actually
did exist and the horse-drawn carriages and the old donkey and carts
were actually in use. The author’s colorful descriptions of the gardens
are truly inspiring, and her knowledge of the History of Ireland
impeccable. The Irish are full of folk stories and even these tall
tales were captured beautifully and with humor. I just can’t say
enough good things about the delightful story that Ms. Adkins has woven
around each and every one of the exciting locations she visited. If you
like a pleasant, enjoyable read where you will learn all about this
great country, then you will love this book. Not only do you get the
story, the author sets out a list of do’s and don’ts in order that you
might enjoy your stay more fully. She has also arranged, with all her
new friends in Ireland, for some pretty solid discounts should you
decide to travel there. This book is a must read if you are even
thinking about going to Ireland and enjoying the best vacation of your

Mary Firmin, author of Deadly Pleasures/

Reviewer: Micki Peluso
writer, journalist and author
July 14, 2012

Rosemary Adkins, author, speaker, and expert traveler within Ireland,
takes her readers on a special tour of her beautiful Emerald Isle. She
decides to surprise her husband on his birthday and retirement with a
dream vacation and spends the preceding two years researching how to
make that dream a reality. Afraid that Doug might not like the idea,
Rosemary tells him in advance. After saying, "Are you crazy?" he warms
up to the idea, but notes that "It might be nice to see Australia."
Rosemary did not research Australia so Ireland it is!

She decides to share her research findings on the most economical ways
to travel, what to see and what to avoid in a wonderfully
well-documented book--taking her readers each step along the way. The
result is a book full of laughter, fun, and amazing sights pictured
within the pages. This book should not just sit as a coffee table
travel book, but actually go along as a handbook for those who wish to
travel to this mythical land. Author Adkins not only shows her readers
the best places to visit, but itemizes the most economical flights,
hotels and restaurants available, as well as the best times of the year
to visit. Rosemary tells you what to wear, as Ireland's hottest days of
summer only reach 65 degrees, and reminds travelers' not to overpack as
she did. With her breaking the trail, future travelers learn how to go
off the beaten track and have an incredible time.

All of Ireland, according to Rosemary, has about four million people
and one third of them reside in Dublin, a city not to be missed--and
requiring around four days to both recuperate from the long flight and
see the many sights. The first place Rosemary and Doug stay is The
Fitzwilliam 5 star Hotel complete with courteous attendants and
delectable food. Adkins reminds readers and travelers to take advantage
of the special package tied to her book. Ireland loves its beer and
Dublin's Guinness Brewery is a must see. Rosemary notes that the Irish
people's sense of humor, once understood . . . finds one in the middle
of much teasing. Ireland has a rich, if sometimes violent past, which
Rosemary depicts in her book, giving visitors background history of
this exquisite but often tumultuous land.

There's whimsy in the stories Rosemary relates, such as the legend of
"Molly Malone". So much of Ireland's lore is fascinating, from elves,
fairies and gnomes to the famous "Blarney Stone". The author suggests
buying and programming your own GPS to avoid getting lost as she and
Doug did, while searching for the exquisite Wicklow Mountains. You'll
travel with her to Cork, Ireland's second largest city, named one of
the top ten cities of the world, by the Lonely Planet". Blarney Castle,
which brings the word, "blarney' into the Irish and English language,
is not to be missed since kissing the Blarney stone is no easy feat.
You won't want to miss the Blarney Woolen Mills, famous for sweaters
and scarves, and the famous Claddagh ring, which carries a unique
legend of its own. Rosemary and Doug take you along as they visit
haunted castles, the wondrous Killarney, the town of Doolin's beautiful
Aran Islands, and the amazing Dolphin, Fungi, who loves to interact
with humans and escort fishing boats

While the Adkins' don't meet a leprechaun, they do enjoy the
friendliness and lilting burr of the Irish people. Their trip ends in
Limerick, another city rich in historical lore and close to the Shannon
Airport where they regretfully depart for America--happy to be going
home, but hating to leave the magical lush greenness of Ireland's
beauty and the friendly help of its people. Author Rosemary Adkins
writes a five star travel book for those who wish to see Ireland and
those who prefer to travel in their mind's eye.

Reviewer: Micki Peluso, . And the Whippoorwill Sang