General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Emily Guido

Publisher : PDMI Direct

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Emily Guido



    • Can romance develop between a Heavenly Light-Bearer and a Hellish Vampire Blood-Hunter? "Charmeine" is the First Novel in "The Light-Bearer Series." 

      Tabbruis is an extremely attractive Blood-Hunter and drinks blood to survive. Over millennia Tabbruis has wandered the Earth alone aimlessly living through many historical events. Charmeine just came to the Earth in 1997, unable to remember anything. 

      When Tabbruis meets Charmeine the attraction is immediate, romantic and passionate. 

      They are polar opposites and clash together in a dramatic way. 
      Charmeine’s power as a Light-Bearer, one who throws lightning, is triggered when she meets Tabbruis, and it grows exponentially.
      Will Charmeine and Tabbruis fulfill their destinies? Will they realize their importance in both the Blood-Hunter and Light-Bearer world? 

      “Charmeine” is an action-packed emotional roller-coaster of passion and fury!

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