Top 10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Factor

Business, Money & Investing

By Jeff Callender

Publisher : Dash Point Publishing, Inc.

ABOUT Jeff Callender

Jeff Callender
Jeff has written numerous business books and ebooks on a specialized method of financing called factoring. He has also written a book of historical nonfiction based on the love letters from his father to his mother during World War II.


If you are ready to look for a factor for your business (or have already started), you’ll find there are a lot of factoring companies out there -- and each one is unique. Many will not be suitable for your needs, while others may be a great fit. Especially if you are in a particular business niche or your company is a certain size, many factors will not be able to fund you. However, if your business is truely “factorable,” there is no doubt a factor who will be quite ready to work with you. The trick is finding that company.

This Top 10 ebook gives excellent direction as to not only how to find a factor, but what to ask to be sure a particular factor is the right fit. The information in this ebook can save you many hours determining which factor to use. Read this ebook to get the right factor for your company as quickly and efficiently as possible.