Family & Relationships, Young Adult, General Fiction

By Keyerra Foreman

Publisher : EyeOpener Publishing

ABOUT Keyerra Foreman

Keyerra Foreman
Keyerra Foreman was born in Greenville, North Carolina on September 29, 1982. She grew up and attended school in Farmville, North Carolina. She graduated from Farmville Central High School in the year 2000. At a very young age Keyerra began to write poetry and short stories. Her desir More...



Who’s to blame when a perfect life somehow takes a turn for the worse? This is a question Sarah tries to find an answer to as a family secret surface and causes Sarah to have a meltdown. 
The birth of Sarah’s daughter is steadily viewed in her mind as a joyous event until Cashmere’s (Sarah’s daughter) true color start to show. Sarah learns that Cashmere’s bloodline contains a mixture of her prized white heritage and the bloodline of a race that Sarah has learned to hate from her mother.  
Sarah’s unwillingness to embrace her brown skinned daughter causes her upside down life to worsen.  
She has allowed “the blame game” to drive a wedge, not only between those she love or once loved, but also within herself. 
Will Sarah have the courage to own up to her mistakes and reconnect with those she has left behind including her daughter Cashmere? Will her daughter accept her with open arms? What other secrets are buried deep within the family? Find out the answer to these questions and more as you journey through the pages of Cashmere…

I started writing this book with the "what if" factor in mind. What if a racist person had someone that was close to them be of the race that he/she hated.