The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi: The Pirate Ship

Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children's Books

By Sal Corrente

Publisher : Dancing With Bear Publishing: Childrens Line

The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi: The Pirate Ship

ABOUT Sal Corrente

Sal Corrente
As a writer, father, husband and visionary, using imagination to craft worlds while breathing life into mysterious characters, Sal is an author who attracts readers into the light of excitement and fantasy. With his brand new series of adventure books, he takes us down a road full of twis More...



Volume two of the twelve book series,The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi
 After discovering the treasure chest, Boochi finds out that there are many more doors opening, with more twist and turns, new faces, and journeys to magical destinations.

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Boochi has returned home after a long day after finding the treasure chest. While everyone is resting, the silence is broken by the doorbell. A strange visitor has come with new information for Boochi and her family. There is another treasure, in a mysterious location waiting to be revealed...and only she has the key.