Almost a Turkish Soap Opera

General Fiction, Romance

By Anne-Rae Vasquez

Publisher : AR Publishing

ABOUT Anne-Rae Vasquez

Anne-Rae Vasquez
Anne-Rae Vasquez, a published author, wrote the novel and screenplay Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (to be released in 2013), Gathering Dust - a collection of poems, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by (a division of Macmillan Publishing). Almost a Turkish Soa More...



An unusual phenomenon in the East is taking Arab and Eastern European homes by storm. Women, men, teens, even children are rearranging their lives to catch the latest Turkish soap operas on their televisions. Turkish soaps dubbed in many different languages have everyone in the East talking about their favorite soap. Even men who deny watching, when asked, are able to repeat word for word from the most popular shows.

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is a story about Adel,a young Turkish man whose family has lived in poverty while his grand uncle controls the inheritance money which rightfully belongs to his father. Adel travels to the USA with his best friend Kamil, works illegally, and is deported back to Istanbul. He flies to Canada, marries his rich grand uncle's spoiled obnoxious granddaughter in exchange for his permanent resident status. He becomes infatuated with his beautiful English teacher and tries to hide this from his wife. How did his life turn into a Turkish soap opera?

The novel paints a vivid portrayal of the lives and struggles of young modern Muslim adults trying to make a life in the West. The story will attract audiences of popular contemporary movies such as the Kite Runner and the Brick Lane. A published author, Anne-Rae Vasquez, wrote the novel, Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (to be released in 2011), Gathering Dust – a collection of poems, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by (a division of Macmillan Publishing).

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is a directorial debut, an original screenplay and novel by Anne-Rae Vasquez. Her love of watching Turkish soap opera series (dubbed in Arabic) inspired her to write a story in the style of a modern day Turkish soap opera.

The feature film screenplay was produced by Joseph Khalil, Sababa Emporium Film Productions ( with AR Films into an award winning feature film, short film and series.

Season 1 of the Web series, which is a prequel to the feature film, was launched in December 2011 as a weekly one 5 minute episode released on their YouTube channel and has since been syndicated on BlipTV, iTunes Video podcast, Web Series Channel, Mingle Media TV, Open Film channel, Viki Channel, Daily Motion, Web Series Network and more.

The interest in the film and the web series is reflected on the Almost a Turkish Soap Opera Facebook fan page which now has over 8400 fans and their YouTube channel has over 7800 subscribers and 215,000+ views. Sababa Emporium plans to release the feature film on DVD in the winter of 2012.

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"Turkish soap operas are huge in Europe and the Middle East" Turkish soap operas dubbed in Arabic and many other languages have become a hit in the Middle East and European countries since MBC (Middle East Broadcast Center) started broadcasting the shows on their satellite channels. The soap opera storylines are always full of drama and excitement with a mixture of mafia, arranged marriages, affairs, divorce, scandals all within the backdrop of modern Muslim lifestyle in Istanbul. These soaps have caught the attention of men and women, and young and old alike. Families work around their daily schedules so that they are home in time to catch the next episode of their favourite soap. Some Islamic religious leaders blame the TV soaps for injecting Western society's influence on Muslim family beliefs and traditions. But in most part, viewers find the shows entertaining and they find they can relate to them because they depict everyday life with people who have similar cultures unlike the characters in shows from mainstream American television or Hollywood blockbusters.