Bloodseek: The Chronicles of Riven the Heretic, Book One

ABOUT Toni V. Sweeney

Toni V. Sweeney
Toni Sweeney's writing career began during an extended convalescence following an automobile accident.  Since her recovery, she has survived tornados and snow-covered winters in the Midwestern United States and currently lives amid the sunshine, earthquakes, and forest fires of Orange Cou More...



Raised by the Margrave of Francovia after his sellsword father is killed in His Majesty’s service, Riven kan Ingan is, by his own admission, an opportunist and a nonbeliever, accepting neither the kingdom’s magic nor its religion, and, somewhat unwisely, ridiculing the gods who silently plot their revenge.  Never allowed to forget his foreign birth, he schemes for total acceptance by marrying the Margrave’s daughter, and the gods see this as an opportunity to punish the young skeptic.


When Aleza is kidnapped by the sorcerer Mahldimir Djaan-Baih, a follower of Drel, god of Death, Riven follows them to the demon-ridden desert of Izhmir.  With the aid of a barbarian slave girl and a reluctant rebel, he will rescue the Princess, discover his true love, and lose her to another man.  From then on, his days and nights are haunted by the memory of the one woman he can‘t have, and there’s nothing he can do to forget her and no way he can claim her because Riven's punishment is just beginning!