The Dawn Herald

ABOUT Mara MacSeoinin

Mara MacSeoinin
Having spent most of my life in Cambridge - as a schoolgirl, at university and beyond - I have moved to the wilds of Hertfordshire, where I divide my time between writing, academic research and gourmet cooking. Writing, for me, is a compulsion, as necessary as breathing: with that in mind, More...



Charis is a solitary child. Everyone suspects that her mother, Isolde, is a witch. Both have magical powers they hide from their ordinary, stuffy neighbours. But when Charis begins to glow brightly at night, Isolde has no choice but to tell her that they hail from another world entirely - and that without Charis's powers their world will vanish from existence...
The Dawn Herald is a tale of fantastical creatures, broadswords and battles, princesses and angels, ancient evil and extraordinary bravery.