General Fiction, Horror, Mystery & Thrillers

By James McPike

Publisher : Inkwater Press


ABOUT James McPike

James McPike
My debut novel FINAL OUTCOME won the READERS FAVORITE silver medal in the Christian/Fantasy genre. It was also nominated by its publisher with 5% others for the 17th EVVY Awards. My newest mystery thriller is based on startling historical facts about the ancient Greeks and secret societies.


A renowned investigator from the Israeli Ministry tackles his biggest case yet--trying to track down a powerful adversary who may or may not have ties to the supernatural.

Revealing secrets that few know about concerning the ancient Greeks and secret societies.

“McPike has created a real thriller for readers interested in historical, archaeological, and investigative mysteries. The adrenaline starts pumping from the first page and continues right down to the last, with a roller-coaster hunt for answers that takes the duo from Israel to Italy and France. The author has done his esoteric and Biblical homework, dropping tantalizing clues throughout for the reader to piece together. Fascinating facts emerge with a great storyline to keep the reader enthralled.”

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“I really enjoyed REALM OF THE UNKNOWN.”

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