You Are Not a Planet and Other Stories

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, General Fiction

By Sean Manseau

Publisher : Apocalypse City Press

ABOUT Sean Manseau

Sean Manseau
Sean Manseau lives in Northampton, MA. He has released two collections of short fiction: "The Fool's Daughter and Other Stories" and "You Are Not a Planet and Other Stories".



While all the stories fall under the rubric "speculative fiction", stylistically they are widely varied, from contemporary horror to YA fantasy to time traveling superhero sci fi to New Wave Fabulist. 

SHUDDER... as Tom, magical creature and budding romance novelist, must battle to save the life of the man he hates most from elder god The One Who Laughs!

THRILL... to the adventures of young Prince Cazimir as he fights to save his nanny, Boris the Ice Bat, from becoming a breakfast for anarchists in "Kidnapped! By Cossacks!" 

WONDER... as the planet-eating Spacelord gambles everything in a desperate attempt to regain a lost love!

GASP... when you turn the book's final page and learn the fate of super-powered, super-heartbroken Planet Steve...and the rest of humanity as well. 
"A born short story writer." - Kelly Link
"As I was reading and much enjoying Sean Manseau's collection of short stories, it came to me: Ambrose Bierce, who disappeared at the end of 1913, may be alive and well and writing as Manseau. The stories have an appealing late 19th-century, early 20th-century flavor, even as they are sprinkled with orange Cheetos dust, Mountain Dew, cerveza, Blackberrys, Macs, and all manner of 21st century accoutrements including television shows. A collection of short stories is not an easy thing, but Manseau manages to captivate, surprise, and delight throughout, demonstrating a major, refreshing talent." - Paul Levinson