Destroyed for lack of knowledge

ABOUT Gerald Bergeron

Gerald Bergeron
I am an author of three books and working on more, my first book is called (a touch of heaven/ a Saviors heart) the second is ( behold he cometh/ Earths final battle) they are selling on amazon and all online stores.



If you have ever questioned your faith, or just wondered if there really is a God, this book will give you answers right out of the bible. Will the church be suddenly removed? Will this world be completely destroyed? Can anyone pay for their own sins? These and many other questions, as well as the names of God and where to find them in the bible.

In these days in which we live, there seems to be so much uncertainty as to where our world is heading. Many people now question their faith, their death, and even their eternal salvation. The bible is clear, not a mystery, it is all the answers that every person seeks. Yet many will still bury the bible away and look to others for these answers. What happens after death, will there be a catching away, will this earth be destroyed? This book takes a vital look at those and many other questions, which have the answers written in the bible. Who is God and why are we unable to see Him, this book will show from the bible what the answers God gives to these seemingly unknown questions. For this we lack the knowledge that we need to find the truth.