Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide

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Saurabh K. Gupta
It was by chance, not by choice, when I got introduced to Oracle 9i database. Since then, I have been synchronizing my on job and off job technical interests with Oracle database programming. As an Oracle 11g Certified Advanced PL/SQL Professional, I soon moved from programming to database More...



The Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide helps you to master the advanced PL/SQL concepts in Oracle 11g. The book aims to be a sure selection for the Associate level Oracle professionals aspiring for Professional level. The topics covered and demonstrated are in line with the Oracle University prescription for Oracle Professional certification, which justify the version updates to be advanced and not complex. The book has been published by Packt publishers and released in May, 2012.
The OCP 1Z0-146 certification is the second milestone for the Associate level Oracle professionals. The journey from Associate to Professional level enhances your reliability and credibility with the Oracle technology, catalyzes your employability, and job effectiveness. Apart from focusing the certification preparation, the book contains ample demonstrations and best programming practices which can be employed in day to day assignments.