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Paul W. Sutherland


Orion & The Wildcat is a story based on real events in the life of the author. Paul tells of his adventures or more importantly his misadventures in life, love and relationships. 

It also reveals the hidden channel between worlds. Orion is a spirit guide who tries in vain to get Paul to see the error of his ways. It's not until complete disaster strikes and Paul is at the lowest ever point in his life, that he finally listens to Orion.

It culminates in him finally realising that he has been living in fear for too many years. Fears that many people have but rarely face and free themselves from a life less ordinary.

A story from the heart with no hold barred also reveals a number of shocking revelations. So ask yourself - What is your deepest fear - This true story may unveil the answer. 

John Harricharan, #1 Best Selling Author of The Waterbook said,"Paul Sutherland has written a magical, mystical adventure about life and its magnificence. I love stories with an "other-worldly" bent -- stories such as Richard Bach's, "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" and "Illusions" and that's why, I think, Paul's new book, "Orion and the Wildcat" fascinates me so much. It is somewhat like a blueprint of life itself.

I will not reveal any of the story here, but will let the readers discover the wisdom for themselves. Keep this book on your desk (not your bookshelf, mind you) so that you could go back to it time and again."

The book is written in a style known as "True Fiction" and is based on a true story. All the facts of the story are there with some poetic license and a few name changes. In essence Paul has left nothing out and reveals some of his innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions during a very tough period with some hard lessons to learn.

Listening to your heart ... not your head... can take some practice. Especially if, like Paul, you want to "work it all out in your mind".

Life has a way of twisting our best, thought out plans, creating emotional dramas beyond our wildest imaginings. As they say, using one's brain to figure out life is like attempting to find the square root of a sonnet. In "Orion and the Wildcat", Paul Sutherland takes us along on his journey of self-discovery - a sometimes rocky road of desperation and learning to trust.

It's an adventure you won't want to miss -- it starts when you begin to look within -- it starts when you begin reading "Orion and the Wildcat".

Anita Bergen ~ Author ~ Life & Other Options.

“A revealing and rewarding story about personal transformation. It shows, how even from tragedy and disaster you can bounce back and learn to live your life again once you are controlling how you think.”

Andy Shaw ~  ABugFreeMind.com

Orion & The Wildcat is a tale of personal and spiritual transformation that will inspire and uplift you as it fills you with transformative insights and divine wisdom. I highly recommend it!”

Dr. Joe Rubino

Founder, CenterForPersonalReinvention.com
Creator, Totalselfesteem.com

"'Orion and the Wildcat' is a powerful, moving, evocative story of a very brave, courageous man who through the ashes of great tragedy has arisen like the Phoenix reborn.  Life is a gift and filled with gold if we but dig deep enough and have the patience to mine it. This is what Paul Sutherland helps us to learn to do through his remarkable journey.  He reminds us that we must seek, find and listen to that "still, small voice within" for it is our North Star, our Guiding Light. Paul weaves a magical, real-life tale about his un-covering and re-covering his connection with the guidance within in the form of his loving guides Orion and Faerun.  Reading his book brought me to a very deep understanding of how precious and mysterious life is.  Read it and let it's message of deep love and compassion seep into your soul. It will surely change you!  Thank you, Paul, for writing this profoundly moving book." 

Yanni Maniates, award-winning author.

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