Jackel Island

Classics, General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Amy Benevento

Publisher : Aquabrook Publishing House

ABOUT Amy Benevento

Amy Benevento
Amy L. Benevento was born in Syracuse, New York. She graduated from Oswego State University of New York, with honors, majoring in English and art. She is a fifth degree black belt and has owned Red Sun Academy of Martial Arts for 23 years, teaching Jo Kwon Chi and Tai Chi. She owns and ope More...



Why would 21 closely bonded people on a small island turn against each other?  When a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company sends employees to an uninhabited island near India to work on a biological research project, life is like a paradise, at first.  Then the team discovers that they've been cut off from the outside world, and they begin to suspect that they've become bio-chemical human test subjects.  Uncertain whom to trust, they suspect someone on the island is behind it all, or perhaps their pharmaceutical company, the military, or even the government.  They finally turn on one another, and some change forever.

See DRAWINGS OF ALL THE CHARACTERS, illustrated by the author: http://www.jackelisland.com/Characters.html See DELETED SCENES from the novel: http://www.jackelisland.com/Deleted_Scenes.html PHOTOS from the novel: http://www.jackelisland.com/Photos.html REVIEWS: http://jackelisland.com/jackelisland.com/Reviews.html AUTHOR INTERVIEW: http://jackelisland.com/jackelisland.com/Interview.html

A modern classic!  I could not put this book down.  A most shocking ending that I did not see coming.  A must read!
—Maureen Rowe, Chief Editor of Universal Times

A spellbinding account of people who resort to their primal selves, Jackel Island shows the strength and frailties of the human spirit.  This psychological and spiritual thriller was a page-turner.
—John Turner, author of The Year One, Sanctions, and Society’s Dream

Powerful!  Benevento touches on universal themes such as human compassion, deceit, love, and betrayal, and tells a story with incredibly real characters.  Very gripping and raw.
—William Martin, author of Culture Dilemma

In this study of human nature, corporate greed, trust, and family, Ms. Benevento effortlessly contrasts innocence with malevolence and beauty with danger.  Her writing is fresh.  Her story is engaging.  She is sure to become one of our finest writers.
— Max Chalmers, Editor of Newburyport Times

"This book grabs you and takes you on a ride, page after page. I can easily see this made into a movie. The dialogue and the underlying psychological tension will keep you riveted."
Jeff Davison, author of over 50 books

"Powerful Book! Benevento tells the story as if she were on the island with the inhabitants. It's gripping, thrilling, and deeply engrossing. It truly does demonstrate peoples human frailties, as well as their strengths. "Why would 21 closely bonded people on a small island turn against each other"? Amy answers this question in magnificent fashion for sure. A must read!!"
Stephen Khalfani, Ph.D., International Society of Poets & International Library of Poetry Member

"A spellbinding thriller with well developed characters and scenes. The illustrations of the characters and scenes add so much to our imaginations and Jackel Island is a true page turner with much intrigue and suspense. I could not put this book down. It touches on themes of human compassion, love, and betrayal. Amy Benevento is a truly gifted writer, and I can hardly wait for her next book."
Libby Howell, International Public Speaker on Literary Classics

"Warning- this book may keep you up late reading! The plot was full of surprises- which I love. In addition, the author really lets you get "inside the head" of the main character (Jamie). I kept wanting to give Jamie advice. This book with its many varied characters and themes is also thought provoking. I especially enjoyed how Jamie's and Evan's discussion of classic literature related to the plot and themes. This discussion of literature by the characters, and the portraits drawn by the author add a unique and refreshing element."
Alice Adams, Ph.D. in English Literature