the Mold Code Handbook

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Darryl Morris is a well-recognized industry leader. He is an Aerobiologst who co-founded Midwest Aerobiology Labs, a leading third-party Indoor Air Quality Certification body, alongside renowned allergist, Dr. Joseph Leija. Today, their lab is a leading Mold DNA laboratory. Most recently More...



It’s a four letter word and it’s everywhere – it’s mold. And, while we can’t live without it, we have to know how to live with it. For instance, in nature, mold plays a key role, but problems begin when mold runs amuck. This is when it can begin affecting things like our homes, health, and even agricultural crops. So, what can be done?

Here, we expose mold right where it lives. That’s right. We provide you with an insider’s view into the world of mold and share practical tips and solutions to common mold problems. We suggest ways to comply with ordinances and show you how to protect not only your loved ones, but the places where you live and work. We help you to identify areas that have suffered water damage, but do not display easily identifiable signs.

This book was produced as the result of scientific studies that proves the author’s research and findings, linking childhood asthma to three molds that are specific to water-damaged buildings. And, since mold affects just about everyone and everything, this book is for anyone – parents, pregnant women, homeowners, architects and engineers, building contractors and managers, municipalities and local government, real estate professionals, mold inspectors, mold remediators, doctors, lawyers and more.

"the Mold Code Handbook is an invaluable tool for addressing common mold issues in the home and provides excellent information on creating an enforceable mold safety code for any government entity"

– Leslie Raupp, Village of Romeoville