The Remnant: Through the Shroud

General Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Michelle Oberg

Publisher : M. C. Oberg Publishing

ABOUT Michelle Oberg

Michelle Oberg
Michelle Ann Oberg, was inspired by her children to write the Remnant books. Her hope is that the Remnant series will help people of all ages and abilities to rediscover the treasure that they are and the gift that they can be to those around them. She has a Bachelors degree in Liberal Stu More...


All that is left is a shroud-covered city after a catastrophic war. The secluded city is ruled by “The Remnant” which strictly bars its citizen’s individuality and freedom of speech. Haleigh, the main character who is clairvoyant, is sent by her doctor to a school called the Winter Clinic where she is grouped with other non-conforming students to persuade each of them to submit to The Remnant’s requirements. Soon, Haleigh and her new found friends are on a fast and exhilarating journey discovering a new world outside the shroud. Throughout the book aspects of freedom, nature and art are celebrated as though seen or experienced for the first time.

“I read the chapters last night and I have to tell you that I can't wait to read the rest. It very quickly pulled me into this not so unrealistic future world with unique characters that made me excited for each new chapter.”

-Jennifer Taylor

Haleigh Claire, a 17-year-old living in a post-apocalyptic world, isn’t like everyone else her age. She has a hard time fitting in, due to her clairvoyance. It also doesn’t help that she possesses other exceptional abilities and keeps secrets. Haleigh is sent to attend a winter clinic, where she meets others who like her, struggle due to their special abilities. One is exceptionally artistic, while another can imitate any sound imaginable. Another can read and understand over a thousand words per minute. And another can defy gravity. Recognizing their special talents, the young adults find their way outside their secluded area and soon discover the government has been keeping secrets from its citizens. Take a journey with Haleigh and her unusual friends as they discover adventure friendship, romance, and the secrets that are hidden Through the Shroud.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I love the way the author draws you in immediately by diving right into the plot. The story follows the life of Haleigh, a 17/18 year-old girl in a post-"apocalyptic" world. Without giving too much away, the author does a great job of imagining how the remaining survivors of a world war would re-convene and re-organize in an attempt to create a new world where the mistakes of their predecessors would not be repeated.

The author creates a cast of characters, each of which is unique and interesting, and brings them together to tell a very creative and unique story. You really are rooting for this little group of rebels throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and couldn't put it down!

-Mother Daughter Book Reviews

I am a big fan of well done fantasy adventure books. I enjoy CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein. As soon as I began to read The Remnant, I immediately realized that this book could easily sit on my shelf with these other more established authors.

The book has a way of drawing you into the story and allowing you to suspend your disbelief and accept this world as a natural one.

In The Remnant, only a small group of survivors from a worldwide war exist, living behind the shroud. But it is assumed that what caused the war was the differences between people, and so everyone within the shroud must conform to certain norms or be retrained until they do. In this story, a group of children who have special gifts end up together in a retraining class and begin to challenge the concept of "normal." They want the right for each person to be who he or she really is.

Escaping the Shroud only reinforces their desire to change things back home.

This, being only the first book of the series speaks of the changes within the children as they forge themselves into an unlikely team.

The author allowed me to read a digital version of her book while I was recently traveling ... And it made my days speed by as I read it in the evenings! For those who enjoy fantasy or teen fiction, this one is a "don't miss" book.  

-Roberta Karchner

My son and I both enjoyed reading this book and we can't wait for the next one. We both agree it will be worth the wait. Great website, wonderful pictures.

-Annette Booth

The book was given to me as a gift. Honestly it sat on my desk at work for months.  Finally on a rainy day I decided to take it home and read it.  I read the book in 3 days and I could not put it down I used to even read it in my lunch break.... all I could say is that it made me feel like a kid again and aroused emotions and imagination that I totally forgot that I had.  I cannot wait until the next book in the series comes out... Please publish it quickly…

-Marian Masoud

I don't like to give away too many points about a plot besides what's already in the product description. I was intrigued by the dystopian feel of the story though. I also really love stories where the kids are smarter than the adults. The overall mood for me was 1984 meets X-Men with a healthy dash of Narnia thrown in.

Michelle Oberg writes very well and the Kindle version that I read was very well produced. It used to be that the Kindle books didn't include the attractive illustrations that some books contain at the begging of each chapter. This was a pleasant plus for me.

I enjoyed Oberg's characters and liked the direction she took her story, except that at a certain point I got that "uh oh" feeling where I realized that this must be Book One in a series. That's fine, because there was so much I was hoping to take place in the story and I knew she couldn't achieve everything with so few pages left.

Now I need to find out when the next book(s) are coming out.

One more refreshing aspect to this story was that it wasn't trashy at all. I don't mind adult topics when I read, but it's great to read a story like this that I can freely share with my family.

-David Edmiston

This is a great read, I loved it from beginning to end and I am looking forward to the next in the series. I read it in about three days, I could not put it down.


I was very impressed with Ms. Oberg's book. This book is about people being individuals. Rather it be race, looks, abilities or inabilities. It’s about being accepted for who you are. The plot was well thought out and the characters were well defined. The book is futuristic, but Ms. Oberg would go back and refer to today’s times and by reaching back into history she keeps the reader engaged and truely connected to the characters. A really well thought out book. Overall the book was very good. I can't wait for the next book in the series.