Tunnel Vision-The Bomb Maker Has Arrived

Mystery & Thrillers

By James Craven

Publisher : James E. Craven

ABOUT James Craven

James Craven
James Craven is a first time author. He is a graduate of Taunton High School and a former member of the Navy's elite Special Boat Unit XI. He is currently living in Wilmington, Vt. with his wife and daughter.


Mike McDaniels has the perfect life; a loving wife, two beautiful kids, he’s a pillar of the community.

Then insanity strikes in the form of a madman with a rifle. Next he’s targeted by the mob. Finally, his brother gets mixed up with terrorists and their evil plot to kill Americans.

He tries telling the police, but they don’t believe him. His family and friends don’t believe him either.

But it’s true…horribly true… 

Now he's forced to act. Will all his skills as a Tae Kwan Do expert keep him alive when so much is at stake? 

Only time will tell...And so little remains before the bomb maker and the vicious sleeper cell unleashes hell on the city of Boston.

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Years ago, I said to a friend of mine, "You know what I'm going to write a book." He replied, "Me too." Nearly 5 years later Tunnel Vision-The Bomb Maker Has Arrived, was born and reached the desk of my editor Lee Ann. She said she was absolutely thrilled with the quality of my work and that this book was going to be a New York Times Best Seller. I knew she was right. After all, I had poured my heart and soul into writing every word. Unfortunately, once it became published I discovered there were many other titles with the same name. This is the reason I gave Tunnel Vision the subtitle: The Bomb Maker Has Arrived. During the creation of Tunnel Vision I had moved 3 or 4 times. It was not easy, moving then settling down again to write someplace new. It made the process much more difficult, however I persevered, writing well over 500 pages. I think you will agree, with Lee Ann, myself and many others, that this new action thriller should some day be a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Decide for yourself. Click to continue to the first chapter and read a few excerpts from chapter's 2 and 3. Enjoy the story...

Book Review by: Cheryl Clausen

"Increase Sales Coach Cheryl A. Clausen"
***** FIVE STARS*****
The author immediately draws you in. It's one unexpected turn after another. This is a pulse pounding, gut churning... can't stop reading page turner. Expect awesome turning points and unexpected twists. You can tell the author poured his blood, sweat and tears into creating a great book.      

*****FIVE STARS*****

Book Review L. J. Martin-Author of Mr. Pettigrew and Quiet Ops

 I was drawn to this book by a great cover, and held to it by a gripping, compelling tale. It's a good read with plenty of twists and turns. If you enjoy action thrillers, this is one for you. And I've written plenty of them, including my last QUIET OPS. Don't miss either of them.