The Deed Box of John H. Watson, M.D.

Mystery & Thrillers, Classics

By Hugh Ashton

Publisher : Inknbeans Press

ABOUT Hugh Ashton

Hugh Ashton
As a long-time admirer of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, Hugh has often wanted to complete the canon of the stories by writing the stories which are tantalizingly mentioned in passing by Watson, but never published. His latest offering of three such stories More...



Herewith is a collection of short stories recorded by John H Watson, MD but not published until Hugh Ashton received a mysterious deed box left in a London bank for nearly one hundred years.  Previously published as Tales From the Deed Box of John H. Watson, MD, More From the Deed Box of John H. Watson, MD and Secrets From the Deed Box of John H. Watson, MD, these stories reveal adventures of the Great Detective alluded to but, for varying reasons, never published during the lifetime of Sherlock Holmes or his companion, John H. Watson.  This hardcover edition contains eleven short stories and novellas in the style of the original Strand Magazine publications of Sherlock Holmes' adventures.