Sunshine and Shadow

Christian Books, General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Philip Dale Smith

Publisher : Every Kid a Winner, Inc

Sunshine and Shadow

ABOUT Philip Dale Smith

Philip Dale Smith
What counts? Family and relationships. Directly and indirectly that concept is a primary driving force in my life. I'm a professional speaker and trainer: a veteran of more than 5,000 presentations. An award-winning novelist and children's picture book author, I find my greatest joy in More...



This is warmhearted and touching story of Hattie, a young widow with two small children, and Smith Delaney, the brash bachelor with a checkered past, who now seek to overcome the odds and create a strong and loving family. But life takes a tenuous turn when Hattie tries to help a neighbor and stirs the wrath of a dangerous and bitter man.

This is the sequel to Turn Back Time, the winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Fiction, which has been downloaded more than 26,000 times as a Kindle since September. New characters you will meet and love in Sunshine & Shadow include the mysterious teen-age mountain couple, Gideon and Darlin' McBride (What are they running from?) and their beagles, Pride and Princess. Then there's the tender but troubled little lad, Digger Dunford. And back with all their venom and viciousness are Jeb Sawyer and old Eunice Crowe. But through all the challenges, the threads of faith, hope, and family love weave a magnificent tapestry of life during the Great Depression, a difficult era in our nation's history.

This book is the sequel to our first novel, Turn Back Time. To our amazement, my coauthor daughter, Lisa Kay Hauser, and I were notified the novel was one of three finalists for the Benjamin Franklin Award for Fiction. The BFA awards were to be presented at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago in connection with Publishing University and Book Expo America. Lisa and her husband agreed ahead of time that if we won the award she would quit her job and write full time. We won, and she became a full-time writer, with Sunshine and Shadow being the first book resulting from that decision. A concern of most writers who write a best-seller is that following books won't measure up. To our delight (and relief!) the response to Sunshine and Shadow has been overwhelmingly favorable. Readers are begging for us to complete the planned trilogy, which we hope to do. We would love your feedback when you have finished the book.

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