By Pierre Blundell

Publisher : Xlibris


ABOUT Pierre Blundell

pierre blundell
Hi my name is Pierre Blundel the author of (Anton The Birth) This book is a reflextion of my dark inner being, my battle with the demons that plague my mind, inspired me to write this book, to share with you the side of life that is cut off from the majority of ye.


Take a man's life, any man it doesn't even matter. Start frantically clawing away at him like a savage dog, destroy everyone and everything belonging to him. unleash the demons that will plague his now fragile mind, terrorise him as you hound him to the end of the world.
BUT WHAT IF! And I mean what if you chose the wrong man. As he rises back up you will bare witness to a HERO, a real HERO.
Now open the book and become the character and lets see how much you can take. 

The story behind the book is a man's struggle to deal with the sudden psychological dilema cast upon him, his psychotic behaviour flourish's as he battles the demons that have inprisoned his mind.