Letters to Isabella - a Quest for Love, Truth and Inner Peace

Romance, Religion & Spirituality

By Roger Waterloo

Publisher : Roger H. Waterloo

ABOUT Roger Waterloo

Roger Waterloo
Born in California USA I moved at the age of 4 to the Netherlands. After living for 38 years in the Netherlands, I decided in 2007 to go to Indonesia. There I got impressed by the way how the Indonesian people experience religion. This prompted me also to look for the spiritual within myse More...


This book covers 2 aspects of life; Love and Religion. It describes the beginning of the journey to Love, Truth and Inner Peace.

Searching for Love, Truth and Inner Peace Roger comes, after 10 years, back in contact with Isabella. With her he starts an email exchange and gradually a mutual affection blossoms on. During the correspondence Roger discovers that searching for Love, Truth and Inner Peace brings many uncertainties and questions. Moreover, Roger starts to wonder if the Love which he strongly feels, is meant for Isabella.

After a quite turbulent life in the Netherlands in which freedom and wealth were the main issue I noticed that was something was missing in my life. All material wealth did not make me feel happy and satisfied. In 1999 I visited Indonesia for the 1st time and there I saw that happiness did not come with wealth. This feeling kept growing inside me and at a certain moment I started to pay more attention to that feeling. In August 2008 (I lived in a city outside of Jakarta, Indonesia) I sat with a friend in the car and while I looked outside, I noticed that along the way so many young people sat around doing nothing. Young people with little till no prospects for the future, though they didn't seemed troubled whatsoever. At that time there came 1 way or another a bright moment in me and I decided to dedicate myself to find Truth and Inner Peace.