The Little Things and Such

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Roger Edwards

Publisher : Edvardson Publishing

ABOUT Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards



For more than two decades, author & speaker, Roger Edwards, collected hundreds of motivational poems and quotes. Whether discovered at conferences or seminars he attended, or whether the words were found posted in a company’s break room or written on a coworker's cubicle, each inspirational message he read encouraged and motivated him. It’s his desire that they do the same for you.

Some of his collection you are holding in your hands. With 50 motivational poems and 247 reflection questions, you now possess a great tool of self-discovery and personal growth.

May you be inspired to be, have, and do more than you dreamt possible!

Recently, I met two very good friends for coffee to discuss the re-formation of a weekly study group. As I was leaving, one of my friends stopped me and said, "Roger, you know that I still use that book you made". I asked, "what book"? Three years ago, I photocopied a handful of motivational poems I collected over the years. She volunteers as a mentor and was using this "book" as a discussion tool. I couldn't believe it. She was using the photocopies in the way that I had envisioned all this time but never got around to creating. Do you know that I have spent the next six days at a local coffeehouse working on "The Little Things and Such". Finally, after more than three years, the project is complete. I think you will agree - it looks a lot better than a photocopied handout! Thank you Stella for inviting me to coffee last week. Thank you Elizabeth for inspiring me, again!