The Exit

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers, Christian Books

By Todd Boddy

Publisher : Broken Club Publishing LLC

ABOUT Todd Boddy

Todd Boddy
Todd comes from a military family who settled down in South Austin TX in the 70's. It was an exciting time, a great place to grow up and stretch the imagination in what was developing as America's 'Third Coast', playing youth sports in S.Austin and skiing with friends on Lake Austin &  More...



And what makes you think you could escape your Maker? The Exit is the scifi apocalyptic saga of an insurgency of dark sentinels who have broken away from the failed Beltshzan, deciding to exit the earth, rather than remain for inevitable judgment from the local entity. Their loyalties have moved to a newly discovered god in a distant universe.

Caught in the cross fire are two young quantum physicists who succeed at making travel to parallel universes possible, only to be kidnapped with their technology for a more sinister use. These fledgling image bearers stare into an abyss which stares back at them,  forcing their rationalism to reckon with a world of freewheeling angels, nephilim, and demonic collectives they don't believe in.

Along their pilgrimage they travel through the beautiful islands and caverns of the Blue Moon of Siyon, the seed bed of the universe and the ancient home of the angels, where they learn of a horrible debilitating infection spreading through the sacred sentinels. 

Led by a aging Wind of light against their will and in spite of lack of faith, the scientists discover how they have been chosen to help lead a future insurrection against a new form of darkened light in a distant universe, far, far, away.