New Rome Rises: Dux Imperatorius

ABOUT Brian Bailie Jr.

Brian Bailie Jr.
I am an author living in Tampa, Florida with my wife and son. I am a cancer survivor since June of 2011. Some of my influences are Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, F. Scott Fitzgerald and H.G. Wells. While I am influenced by these authors I have my own style. I am an avid Bucs fan  More...



Near the middle of the 21st century, Europe descends into chaos- Italy suffers most of all. Terrorist attacks and a collapsed economy lead to anarchy, leaving Italy powerless to stop an invasion from hostile forces bent on its destruction. A young General rises to defeat the invaders and fulfill his vision of becoming Caesar and reviving the Roman Empire. Europe bows to him, and those who do not are conquered. The United States defies the new Emperor and has the Southwest taken. A former gun slinging outlaw, a U.S. Senator, a Green Beret who shouldn’t be alive, a sharp-shooter and a Deposed Monarch lead an unconventional group that is all that stands between Rome and world domination. Meanwhile, in Rome, Cesar’s daughter is caught between loyalty to her father and using the new power she is given to do what she knows is right. Can the march of Rome be stopped in time, or will the world be ruled by the Dux-Imperatorius?