the Son Above the Clouds


By Kenroy Freckleton

Publisher : Kenroy Freckleton

ABOUT Kenroy Freckleton

Kenroy Freckleton
My name is Kenroy Freckleton. I am an up coming writer.  When I think about poetry,I often think about life. My pen moves across a sheet of paper gracefully with only one purpose in mind. I am trying to paint a picture that someone else might be able to feel deeply. I have no particular s More...



The idea for this book is actually about a decade old. This collection of poetry was written over a two week period. The first manuscript of this book was misplaced and the collection of poetry that ended up replacing it was written in 2009. It is basically a collection of rambles written down on paper. Some of the verses are abstract but it is definitely worth reading. If you like beautiful imagery that paint vivid pictures then this collection was definitely written for you.

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