Why My Love Life Sucks (The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, book one)

Humor, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Shevi Arnold

Publisher : Play Along Media, LLC

ABOUT Shevi Arnold

Shevi Arnold
I'm a writer, illustrator, comedy guru, and geek goddess. I've been an editorial cartoonist, a consumer columnist, an arts & entertainment writer, and a comics editor. Today I write and illustrate books for children and teens. So far I've indie published two of my books: the humorous m More...


Why My Love Life Sucks is a funny, YA, science-fantasy novel about a teenage super tech geek named Gilbert Garfinkle, whose plans to invent the perfect are derailed by the one thing he'll never be able to figure out--a gorgeous vampire girl named Amber, who wants to turn him into her platonic BFF literally forever! Discover what makes the ultimate geek the ultimate hero in the funniest science-fiction series since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.