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Neeraj Bhatia
For me writing comes as overflow of ever going background thought process within me. Being in sales, I feel I live with a put on and real me tries to come out through my words, though I am still trying to discover myself- but that is an ongoing evolution- as by the time I think I have fou More...



A powerful story of change in the world, where democracy finds its true meaning, and emerges a white globe without colors or borders.

A religious Ideology followers realise that their aim of being accepted as a supreme ideology is failing because of their methodologies. A faction of their core group believes that with their current actions, they are alienating themselves and instead of being accepted they are being hated worldwide. Instead of arms they decide to use economy as the new weapon and burst the so called artificial bubble of western economy and show people that real success is in following ideal way of life. They hire a think tank headed by Neel who has a brain for ideas, eye for loopholes, knowledge of markets and hatred for not being accepted by his family, to implement the plan. He plans his own unique model which would give the word democracy its true meaning, A model which would take human race to the next level where in sand of times each individual would leave a foot print rather than a bum print, and would say together we can and we will. A war of wits, weapons and wealth follows which draws blood in the end Will the day of grey ever dawn?

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