SUPER! Slick Licks That Stick! (Vol. 1 & 2)

ABOUT Bobby Stern

Bobby Stern
I'm a long time professional saxophonist, jazz player, educator, Bari Woodwinds endorser and also the author of (besides "Slick Licks That Stick!")  "The Melodic Minor Handbook: A Jazz Player's Perspective" published by Jamey Aebersold Jazz, which was my first book.More...



For Serious Improvisers of All Levels

“SUPER! Slick Licks That Stick!”, is both Volumes 1 & 2 of "Slick Licks That Stick!" combined together as one 556 page, interactive, printable pdf eBook compilation of technique building, non-cliche musical exercises, patterns, licks and sequences, which are most useful, and essential to anyone who is serious about their development as an improvising musician.

It is the BEST VALUE, saving $5.99 off the price of purchasing each volume separately.

The musical examples contained in this eBook were developed not only for their functionality in building technical chops and ear training, but also because they simply sound good; which is to say that practicing them can be fun, challenging and inspiring, all at once.

Each of the examples is laid out in all 12 keys. This is important, as there is a tendency to play things in one key that one might not even have considered in another.

SUPER! Slick Licks That Stick!” is formatted for optimum viewing on your mobile device. Set it on a music stand and the need for scrolling is kept to a minimum. So, give these “slick licks” half a chance and before you can say "slick lick", they will stick, not only to your fingers, but to your mind as well.