Head Over Wheels (Spicy Young Romance)

ABOUT Vic Valentine

Vic Valentine
Victoria Valentine is a New York writer, indie book publisher, and hosts two shows on blogtalkradio.comĀ 



Warning: This book contains graphic sexual encounters and language. Not recommended for readers under 17.

Turning 21 hasn't proven very fruitful for Jewelia Delarosa. Still, one lost boyfriend & two failed classes haven't gotten her down. She's got her sights set on a career with the NYPD, and is on course ... until she meets an irresistible and unpredictable Med Student who contradicts everything she thought she knew about Life, Love, Commitment ... and Sex.

Whether on the front seat of his Wrangler or his kitchen counter, her reserve is low, desire higher than the roof of the isolated A-frame in Maine where the two enjoy a weekend with friends, and take romance to the next level.

Who'll be there to catch her when she's falling Head Over Wheels?