The Man of Constant Sorrow

The Man of Constant Sorrow

ABOUT Brandon Nicholson

Brandon Nicholson
I am an eighteen year old author from a little town a little north of nowhere. I have enjoyed writing my entire life and have only recently published my first piece on Kindle.



“Just a few more weary days ahead and then I'll fly, to a land where joy shall never end, I'll fly away...” a criminal who lost his wife has a legacy of law breaking to pass on to the next generation. For over a hundred years the Davis Clan has ruled Green County's underworld, since the days of a frontier town.
From father to son the tricks of the trade pass and a young boy in the Davis Trailer Court had less hope than anyone else in the whole Green County. Even in the metropolis of Cornerstone the Davis' are known as a group best to avoid, wild and savage rednecks from the countryside. How could a young Davis change his ways without first changing his name?
Trey Davis is the son of one such man. Faced with the illegal dealings of his father from his youngest days he has no hope but to accept his fate, becoming the next man of constant sorrow. He will face trials he never expected, lose what he held dear forever.
Will this tradition be upheld or will Trey be the first one to exclude his son from the family business? Will he find revenge for those taken from him? Detective Paulson with the Cornerstone Police Department is working on a cold case file and soon he finds himself faced with a retired Trey who relates his story to the stranger.