Time Tells Tales

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Stephanie Fletcher
Biography I am a Mother and best friend to three girls.  I truly love my life and every person who has ever touched it with unconditional love, and I am grateful for all their support in my endeavours. I am now a grandmother for the first time in October 2012 and I am sure inspiration wi More...



Time Tells Tales is a novel in five tales. It is a romantic, crime thriller, and mystery, told by the different perspectives of the characters that drive this novel along to its surprising conclusion.  There is forbidden love, loss, lust, lies, scandal, heartache, romance, hypocrisy, religion, abuse, sexual deviants and spiritual intervention in its five hundred pages, spreading across time and dimensions, for sure, time has tales to tell.


Alfred is Dead in a Ditch


Alfred of indeterminable age is lying at the bottom of an icy, cold, deep, muddy ditch, where he is hidden by brambles and branches. He didn’t blame the driver for, not stopping, why would they? He was one of life’s destitute wanderer’s, better for all if he was not found.


Catherine experiences Love, Loss, Lust and Lies


Catherine, on the verge of womanhood, who has to deal with the unexpected death of her Mother under suspicious circumstances, and the fallout of her Father's grief and the interference of the Catholic Church, will she recover from the loss, the lust, the love, and the lies?

Theresa falls foul of Forbidden Love


Theresa is illegitimate, raised by Catholic nuns in an orphanage in County Kerry, cruelly taken from her mother at birth. Will Theresa ever find out who her real parents are? Why was she left in the hands of those cruel nuns? What is true love and why would anyone want to love her?


Jim is surprised at what comes Out of the Mouth of Babes


Serena and Jim have only grandchild who Serena held cruelly for a brief moment before her passing. Angela opens her Granddads eyes to possibilities about all things supernatural and spiritual, and helps him to cope with his grief, changing his whole outlook on life and death.


Angela has A Gift for All


This last tale is about Angela's special gift, and how she learnt to use it. How it helps her bring to a conclusion all the secrets, scandals and lies, which intricately weave the lives of these interconnected family histories together. For sure, Time has Tales to Tell.

Biography I have a website for publishing my writing and poetry: http://www.stephanie-fletcher.co.uk where you may sign up to my newsletter and check out my new books. There are some freebies on there as well, works I have not yet published. Firstly, I am a Mother and best friend to three daughters. I truly love my life and every person who has ever touched it with unconditional love. I am grateful for all their support in my endeavours. I started writing seriously after a traumatic event in my life that resulted in a nervous breakdown in 2008, I was 49. My physical and mental health suffered greatly, and now several years later, hand on heart, I can honestly say I am not the self-driven, compulsive perfectionist I was beforehand. I had a spiritual enlightenment, counselling, and time – lots of empty time. I could have quit - sank deeper into depression, but I didn't. I am lucky enough to have wonderful, caring, considerate family, who witnessed my decent into hell and back, they never left my side. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and hit life head on again like the Taurean bull I am. I have always written a journal and the days of staring into thin air became times of inspiration. At first I was scared to show others my work. The last thing I needed was criticism that cuts you to the soul but I needn't have worried. Only a few people gave me harsh critique that knocked my self-confidence. Eventually, I began to grow as a writer. I did a creative writing course and gained a certificate in counselling skills. I read a lot, anything, and everything, and I take notes everywhere, for use later in my work. I collect idioms, sayings, and inspirational quotes that help me with my writing. I like to do my original work in longhand so I have a lot of A5 notebooks needing attention. Writing is never dull or a job, I enjoy every day I spend writing and often surprise myself at what comes out. I have now finished my first Novel, called ‘Time Tells Tales’, available in print or digital format, from all good retailer’s. Set in Ireland and England in the early 1900’s, covering a century, Time Tells Tales is a Novel in five parts or ‘Tales’. They explore the history of three families; their interconnected lives are intricately woven together by love, birth, death, and marriage. These lives are spiced up with religion, revenge, scandal, abuse, heartache, and spiritual intervention. The five Tales are told from different perspectives by the characters that drive this novel along to the surprising conclusion, spreading across time, space, and dimensions, hence the title - Time Tells Tales. I have a collection of short stories called ‘Seasons of the Heart.’ The four seasons reveal to us the four stages of love throughout a year, in the lives of very different couples and their experiences of love at a certain stage. But, of course, love never runs smoothly as my characters find out. They are not your typical slushy, rose-tinted glasses kind of stories, but more realistic, showing us that love doesn’t run smooth, there are many pitfalls and hills to climb before we get our happy ever after, even then life throws us spanner’s and hammer’s. On my website there are more stories and poems published that you will find nowhere else and they are all free to read! I welcome your feedback, reviews on all my efforts and would love to engage with my readers, so please sign up and keep in contact with my work in progress, new ideas, and dates of release of any new books. I will publish in a newsletter via email. Next year I hope to begin a UK book tour and will have signed copies to give away so watch this space! Thank you for taking time to read my bio, keep on reading! Your friend, Stephanie.

Review by: Victoria Zigler on Oct. 12, 2012 : star star star star star 
This is a well written book, which immediately awakens your curiosity about Alfred and how he came to be in the ditch where he was. From the first I was curious about Alfred and his story, and eagerly devoured each new sentence until the end. I now find myself eagerly awaiting the second part of the series, and desperate to learn what happens next.

Review by: Jackie Stilgoe on Oct. 30, 2012 
I loved this book. It grabs your interest from the start. You feel as if you are following Alfred along his life journey and you are actually lying in the ditch with him as he is telling his story. I found it an easy read with nothing too complicated to follow and I was able to put it down and pick it up when I wanted without having to remember who was who and re-read anything to catch up. I too am looking forward to reading Catherine's tale.