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Brian T. Seifrit
I grew up on a small hobby farm outside of Fruitvale BC. I am a six-time small press published author. Recently I had the good fortune of selling the movie rights from one of my books titled “Absolute Anger”. In September 1988-December-1989, I attended Columbia Academy of Radio, Televi More...


For Hayden Rochsoff and his two associates brother and sister team Alex and Monique Farell both members of the Russian Rebel Army (RRA)-freedom was a dream come true... Assaulted for three days by Balcovian Officials, after a futile attempt to escape their domain and the communism they were forced to live with. Hayden Rochsoff and his life long friend Alex Farell are separated as the officials take Hayden into custody. For three days and nights the officials torture and try to get Hayden to confess to killing one of the KGB's most wanted hit-men, a man named Andre Fischer. Finally released, Hayden is threatened by General Liwwet, a merciless Balcov Official, that if he were to ever step foot in their domain again he would simply be shot. Forced back to the domain of Poski, Hayden vows revenge.

The main character, Hayden Rochsoff, has a spectacular role in the midst of international mayhem between the RRA and CPA. Mention of the FBI, KGB, CIA and CPA all at one time, allows you to understand the width of the espionage going on within the story. Hayden has his job cut out for him in this spy filled action/adventure, while he is in love with Colleen, who happens to get captured and filed, while being molested by Ellis & Red, who want to humiliate her to the utmost.  Hayden goes though hell and back to get to Colleen, struggling with Ellis and Red when he finally gets there.

    “Escape” by Brian T. Seifrit is the most dramatic spy filled, action adventure I’ve read in a long while. It is filled with on the edge of your seat chilling mishaps that will keep you reading to the very end. There are no boring pages to this exceptionally well -written action adventure. This author has a vast knowledge of espionage, spies and international regulations of border crossings and the like. An author this knowledgeable is well worth the read!

Reviewer: Anastasia

Escape: by Brian T. Seifrit. 

    "Brian Seifrit stays true to his course in this contemporary action adventure thriller. Strong characters and macho action are his trademark. The Cold war may be over, but Hayden Rochsoff still has an axe or two to grind. Life under communism has been grim for Hayden. He's become one of the best shooters in the Russian Rebel Army but he's weary of the game. No longer able to tell the good guys from the bad guys, beaten and tortured to within an inch of his life, Hayden vows revenge. He longs for freedom and safety, but first he must rescue his long time friends, Monique and Alex Farrell. 
    This brother and sister team have not fared well and Hayden has his hands full pulling off their rescue from a commie prison. Their run for freedom is interrupted by Ellis Leroy, an unsavory operative from Hayden's past who plays both ends against the middle for monetary gain. He suggests a plan to the trio that will provide millions of dollars and guarantee their freedom. 
    The only drawback is that the money must be stolen in Alaska from the DEA and US Navy. It's not an easy go, even for the accomplished Hayden and his friends. Escape takes our hero and his friends from Russia to a cruise ship on the Bering Strait and finally to Alaska. Action and intrigue abound. Will Hayden and his friends survive to reach freedom and pull off the caper that will make them millionaires? You'll have to read the book to learn the answer." 

    ~Laurel Johnson Midwest Book Review

Escape: by Brian T. Seifrit

     "Escape is the story that is very well written and it is a story that is "dying" to be told on the "big screen". The everlasting human wish to reach freedom as a person and as a member of the society, society that has been oppressed many years by a communist regime, is the fuel that powers this story.         When the political idea becomes a personal agenda or vice versa, be sure (if you're the audience) to buckle up, because this story will take you to the rollercoster ride. 
    All elements are there: love, passion, action, revenge. And fear, of course, the primary human sense. And it is not just the plain fear. It is rather a more "sophisticated" fear that deals on so many levels of the human mind: fear of the personal and collective welfare, welfare of the immediate significant one, fear of both success and failure." 

    ~Denis Cviticanin writer, director

Escape: by Brian T. Seifrit

    "Escape is a full throttle thriller from beginning to end. Persistent in action and suspense, the main character Hayden keeps up the surprises with his intelligence and passion. A member of the Russian Rebel Army, he is driven by both the revenge of his father’s death and pride for what his country could be. A peace lover turned marksmen; he relentlessly pursues his and his friend’s escape, and throws in a $64 million dollar heist as a bonus. Brian T. Seifrit has crafted an entertaining piece of fiction that leaves the reader anticipating a follow up." 
    ~Reviewed by Actress- Julie Laine: Film credits: Beautiful Horizon, Spiritwalk, When I think of You, How to Love a Serial Killer.

Escape: by Brian T. Seifrit

    “I certainly did read Escape and was reading a book, big best seller, by Dean Koontz or something, called By The Light of The Moon. I remember being blown away reading your book and thinking you were just as good. I am totally impressed. I also thought it ended too fast and too soon. Well I guess that’s cause you have a sequel. COOL ON YA.” 
    ~ Storman Norman, Rock 101 Radio Personality, Vancouver BC. June 18, 2004.