The Coalition of Purgatory

ABOUT Brian T. Seifrit

Brian T. Seifrit
I grew up on a small hobby farm outside of Fruitvale BC. I am a six-time small press published author. Recently I had the good fortune of selling the movie rights from one of my books titled “Absolute Anger”. In September 1988-December-1989, I attended Columbia Academy of Radio, Televi More...


A ruthless land developer threatens the land of the Grizzly bear and the sacred land of the Ktunaxa people. Bryce Ellwood, a nationally renown freelance journalist, an orphaned grizzly cub, a man with a shaded past, an Indian guide and his granddaughter, form a Coalition to prevent any further destruction of the Purgatory Mountains. Love, pain, hate, and sorrow are entwined together in an absorbing tale of a reality that some day may exist for British Columbia's wildlife.

Bryce Ellwood was a freelance writer, researcher and photographer, who’d been hired by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, to monitor the animals and the activities on the Purgatory Mountain. Word was, that land developers, Robertar & Robertar were preparing to build a ski resort in the area, not only upsetting the people of the mountain, but the wildlife as well. Bryce loved the beauty and the untamed serenity the mountain offered, and he hated the idea that some money hungry developer planned to disturb it. Bryce’s main focus was the grizzly bear population. It was early spring, and the bears would soon be coming out of hibernation, but Bryce’s luck in finding them, was slow to come. During one of his jaunts, Bryce came upon a bear cub who’s mother had died. Knowing the cub couldn’t possibly survive on its own, Bryce decided to take him under his wing, and soon the two became friends. The cub’s antics were sometimes destructively annoying, but mostly the cub amused him. Hector Foxeagle was an older Indian from the Ktunaxa tribe. He’d lived on that mountain since 1988, and had encountered problems with the same developers once before. The mountains were Hector’s home, and despite the obstacles, he was determined to save his mountain, saying he was the protector and server of all the wildlife on the mountain. Hector on occasion, would stop in and visit with Bryce. They’d become good friends, and Bryce had a lot of respect for him, but he also like Hector’s granddaughter, Rayne-Bow. Not only was Rayne-Bow intelligent, but she was beautiful, and Bryce quickly became smitten with her, but she, liked him as well. Things were definitely looking up for Bryce, until one of his walks led him to a waterfall, where he slipped and broke his leg. Bruised and in pain, Bryce had to hike his way back to camp, but it wouldn’t be an easy task. Roberto Robertar by all appearances, was a cold-hearted man who loved wealth, and the power that came with it. He also had a weakness for beautiful women and unattached physical pleasures. This was his second attempt at building on the Purgatory, and he couldn’t afford the loss from the unexpected delays. He was determined to see this project through, at any cost. "The Coalition of Purgatory," is an adventure- packed story, filled with suspense and humor. It would be a great addition to anyone’s library. This is one of those "can’t put it down" books. I really enjoyed the pleasure. Great job, Brian! Reviewer: Deanna